I’m not particularly active, and I haven’t exercised in years. Is it safe for me to start now?

Yes it safe. If you have any severe medical issues you will need medical clearance. All of our clients go through a thorough evaluation where balance, posture, flexibility and strength are all tested. All programs are started with basic movements at an easy level. Once these movements are preformed correctly then and only will you move on to a more difficult or challenging program. So lets get started.

What is the style of training?

Our style of training varies from client to client and trainer to trainer depending on fitness level, client’s age and goals. We all incorporate a work performed correctly divided by time method, with a specific emphasis on posture and form which ensures second to none results while maximizing safety.

What are the hours you train?

24 hours a day.

How do I know which trainer to work with?

We select a specific trainer based on client’s wants, needs and goals. Our staff covers every facet of training available at its highest level so client satisfaction is never an issue.

I already have a work out regime can I supplement with FitCrush?

You sure can. In fact we encourage it to keep your interest high and to use as a valuable supplement to our training to maximize your results.

Why is personal training so important?

Personal training is valuable for so many reasons. Here are just a few reasons to consider:

Accountability & motivation, Development of a routine, Fresh new perspectives & ideas on health, nutrition and fitness, Solid, consistent, non-judgmental support, Proper technique & form, Injury prevention and / or injury rehab, Sports specific training, Maximize workout / minimize time, Personalized program, Relationship building, Tangible results

What kind of experience and credentials do you have?

Every one of our trainers has a national certification, and many years experience with in-house training certification done by Fit Crush.

Knowing my specific fitness goals, what kind of workout plan will you develop to help me?

Each program is tailored to the individual’s goals, fitness conditions, medical conditions (if any), in a progressive well thought-out program, guaranteed to keep your work outs fresh and dynamic. Each days work out is never the same as the last.

How often will you change my workout routine?

Work outs are changed on a progressive level, once you have mastered the basics then we incorporate more difficult and specific exercises.

Do you have current clients I could contact as references?

Yes. We have unlimited real life client testimonials.

FitCrushNYC exists to provide the highest level of wellness living to the busy New Yorker through personal training, manual therapy, and one-on-one attention at its city-wide state of the art facilities. FitCrushNYC employes only the highest rated fitness professionals in the tri-state area who work diligently to bring fitness to you
As a high-end, veteran owned health and wellness concierge fitness training company, FitCrush NYC offers well-developed wellness programs to maximize results and client satisfaction by making fitness convenient and attainable. It all starts with FitCrush NYC founder and CEO, Joe Ardito. Joe has set industry standards by creating a program that helps to metaphysically change clients through keen focus, exceptional fortitude, and superior talent.
FitCrushNYC is a fair, tough, and compassionate company that will keep you constantly challenged, motivated, and safe during your workouts. Fitness is our passion; let us make it yours!!
For more information and to schedule a consultation with one of our trainers, please email info@fitcrushnyc.com.
-- Semper Fi –
*A percentage of all FitCrush NYC profits are donated to the United War Veterans Council.