Joe Ardito

Making a significant positive impact on the quality of ones life is Joe’s goal for every one of his client’s workouts. Holding your body correctly while performing a functional body weight exercise correctly takes balance, focus, time and patience. This is not an easy task but is well worth the sweat, focus and effort. Incorporating multi joint-functional exercises emphasizing proper form in a timely fashion guarantees second to none results both aesthetically and health wise. Working out at a challenging pace not only gives you a great workout, but also enhances time management. This ensures you’re getting the absolute most work performed possible in the time you have to work out.

With over 25 years experience you’re getting a polished, result driven, time management fitness program that is guaranteed to change your life. Joe started his career being mentored and apprenticing under Peter Boritz for 3 years. Peter was and still is one of the pre-eminent spokes person and authors for the ACSM, the highest science of exercise accreditation in the fitness industry. From there Joe went on to Crunch, Health and Racquet before finally going out his own and founding Fit Crush NYC.

Joe loves what he does and lives the life he preaches with more passion than when he first started. It’s this passion that comes out in his client’s results and satisfaction. He has unlimited real life client testimonials that can be shared upon request.

“I have been training with Joe since 2005. My level of athleticism and core strength is unmatched when compared to anytime in my life. The focus on flexibility coupled with agility makes this workout unique while also building great endurance and strength. Complementing cross training with weights and sprints has been a great way for me to burn calories while building muscle tone.”

— Wesley Gradone, BTIG

“Joe’s intensity is indicative of the results you will achieve, he cares deeply and makes sure you accomplish your goals. I highly recommend Joe and his team @FitCrushNYC”

— Vincent Guastamacchia,

FitCrushNYC exists to provide the highest level of wellness living to the busy New Yorker through personal training, manual therapy, and one-on-one attention at its city-wide state of the art facilities. FitCrushNYC employes only the highest rated fitness professionals in the tri-state area who work diligently to bring fitness to you
As a high-end, veteran owned health and wellness concierge fitness training company, FitCrush NYC offers well-developed wellness programs to maximize results and client satisfaction by making fitness convenient and attainable. It all starts with FitCrush NYC founder and CEO, Joe Ardito. Joe has set industry standards by creating a program that helps to metaphysically change clients through keen focus, exceptional fortitude, and superior talent.
FitCrushNYC is a fair, tough, and compassionate company that will keep you constantly challenged, motivated, and safe during your workouts. Fitness is our passion; let us make it yours!!
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-- Semper Fi –
*A percentage of all FitCrush NYC profits are donated to the United War Veterans Council.