Thomas has been providing Personal Training for over 9 years both corporately and privately. He graduated with high honors from The National Training Institute, focusing on strength training, pre/postnatal training, cardiovascular training, and weight-loss management. Playing football in his college years and going on to become a professional fighter contending in the Junior Middle Weight Class guarantees a well-rounded athletic program.

Thomas’s athletic background and abilities make him a dynamic Personal Trainer, whether you’re looking to get in shape or become proficient in self-defense and boxing. He is passionate and has an infectious energy.

“After a year and a half with Thomas Baldwin, I have a few thoughts about what makes him an excellent trainer.
He listens. He wants to know your goals. Thomas assesses your level then applies different ways to work you out to reach those goals. He sees what works. He sees what doesn’t. He uses different exercises to continually surprise muscles, for more efficient gains.
You sign up for a trainer, and you get one. Thomas drives you to the point just beyond where you would push yourself. He has a knack for knowing just that moment where you might quit, and showing you that you are capable of building on what you have and moving just that little bit further. It builds your body as well as your confidence.
He adapts to you. He is excellent at working with whatever your body has going on that day. Sore right leg? Let’s work the arms and upper body. Not doing so well handling the medicine ball? Let’s find a different exercise that reaches the same result. He makes it fun. The workout is hard, but he keeps you feeling relaxed and light.”

— Dennis Greeley, Client

“I’ve been training with Thomas for almost 3 years now.  When I first started, I had never boxed before and never used a personal trainer.  Thomas started me out with the basics; teaching me basic boxing technique and having me do exercises to improve my strength, coordination, speed, and stamina. Now, I train two to three times a week, and have developed my boxing skills to the point where I can confidently spar with opponents and know that I can hold my own.  No matter how far I think I’ve come, training with Thomas, each session he manages to push me further, both mentally and physically, motivating me to keep improving.   For those that have never boxed before, I suggest you give it a try. Just after a few sessions you’ll be surprised of what you’re capable of, and I bet you’ll get as hooked as me.  See you in the ring.”

— Josh Boaz, Client

FitCrushNYC exists to provide the highest level of wellness living to the busy New Yorker through personal training, manual therapy, and one-on-one attention at its city-wide state of the art facilities. FitCrushNYC employes only the highest rated fitness professionals in the tri-state area who work diligently to bring fitness to you
As a high-end, veteran owned health and wellness concierge fitness training company, FitCrush NYC offers well-developed wellness programs to maximize results and client satisfaction by making fitness convenient and attainable. It all starts with FitCrush NYC founder and CEO, Joe Ardito. Joe has set industry standards by creating a program that helps to metaphysically change clients through keen focus, exceptional fortitude, and superior talent.
FitCrushNYC is a fair, tough, and compassionate company that will keep you constantly challenged, motivated, and safe during your workouts. Fitness is our passion; let us make it yours!!
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-- Semper Fi –
*A percentage of all FitCrush NYC profits are donated to the United War Veterans Council.