11 Fun Activities in Yangon, Myanmar (in 2018)

This post isn’t just about activities in Yangon but at the same time is a smaller than expected travel control with data about where to remain and open transport. It was initially composed in 2016 yet has been refreshed like clockwork with new data. In case you’re hoping to spend a couple of days in Yangon, at that point look no further in light of the fact that we have you secured.

Yangon may not be Myanmar’s capital any longer but rather is as yet the biggest and the most visited Burmese city. With its shining brilliant pagodas peeping through a setting of frontier engineering and roads that are spotted with merchants offering nourishment, natural products, devices and a wide range of fascinating things – Yangon is a picture taker’s pleasure.

In case you’re visiting South East Asia, we firmly suggest you don’t pass up this fascinating city. Obviously, you can read about run of the mill touristy activities in Yangon, yet we have made a rundown for you which is a blend of touring exercises alongside a couple of unique things, with only a couple of sanctuaries, lakes, parks, avenues and shrouded finds. In case you’re searching for more data about what to do in Myanmar, look at this present explorer’s agenda for investigating the nation in 8 days. This is what to do in Yangon, Myanmar in case you’re there for a couple of days:

1) Dusk at Shwedagon Pagoda and Perceive How it Shines During the evening

Maybe a standout amongst the most well known Yangon attractions, Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the best activities in Yangon. No agenda or city direct for Yangon will ever forget Shwedagon Pagoda – all things considered, it’s the greatest and the most excellent Pagoda in Myanmar.

Shwedagon Pagoda is based on a hoisted slope so you will see it from a separation as you move around inside Yangon. We saw it while in transit to our lodging from Yangon air terminal and couldn’t hold up to return. Indeed, it is a standout amongst the most celebrated sights in Yangon.

This 325 feet stupa that is gold-plated, shines in the sunshine and shimmers when it’s dull – is in reality an incredible sight! Legend has it that it was constructed over 2600 years back and is the most established Buddhist stupa on the planet.

We recommend you touch base here by 4 – 4:30 pm to stroll around and respect the excellence in the sunlight. Discover a place to sit and appreciate the dawn as your psyche loosens up tuning in to rings of the sanctuary chimes. Appreciate the magnificence as enthusiasts illuminate an a huge number of candles and incense sticks. Prepare to be awestruck by the great excellence as the murkiness plunges and everything illuminates.

2) Sit on a Little Seat Along the Street and Taste Tea

One of the principal things that we saw about Yangon is the plenitude of tea slows down. These tea slows down are typically situated on each square and walkway.

It’s anything but difficult to detect these tea slows down from far on account of their modest plastic tables, stools and seats. These seats appear as though they are ideal out of a child’s room! Truly – these are precisely the same that my father utilized lease for my birthday party when I was in school. All things considered, they look super charming and it’s a fun ordeal sitting on them and tasting tea.

In these roadside slows down, you will for the most part discover two sorts of tea – one is plain Chinese style green tea and the other is Indian style chai. None of the teashop proprietors that we met communicated in English yet comprehended our motions well.

3) Make a beeline for Inya Lake and Make the most of Yangon’s Nightlife

We wound up visiting Inya lake during the evening just by possibility and it wound up a standout amongst other nights that we spent in Yangon. We touched base here on the grounds that we had definitely no clue where to go for a couple of beverages. When we achieved, we knew we had settled on the correct choice. Inya Lake was a total difference in scene directly after Shwedagon Pagoda since it wasn’t pressed with travelers by any stretch of the imagination.

We had an exquisite supper at one of the eateries with a perspective of the lake. After supper, we chose to go to the yard region for a walk. To our joy, there were numerous roadside merchants offering Dagon lager and Myanmar brew. In case you’re searching for activities in Yangon during the evening, at that point a visit to Inya Lake is something that you ought to absolutely do.

While we saw moderately dressed ladies wherever else in Yangon, here we saw numerous neighborhood ladies that wore shorts. Gracious and incidentally, we didn’t see even a solitary vacationer here. A visit to Inya Lake is a standout amongst other activities in Yangon on the off chance that you need to keep away from vacationers.

4) Ride the Dala Ship to Visit Dala Town

A little angling town over the waterway from Yangon, Dala town is the ideal spot for multi day trip from Yangon. This town is a 10-minute ship ride far from Pansodan Wharf in downtown Yangon. The ship ride is as intriguing as the town itself, if not more. In the same way as other different spots, the ship ticket costs are distinctive for nonnatives. We paid USD 4 for each individual for an arrival ticket.

In this short ship ride, we saw numerous individuals offering distinctive things – garments, cigarettes, brushes, mirrors, winged animal eggs, new foods grown from the ground significantly more! A trek to Dala gave us a snappy depiction of life in a little Burmese town.

You can make multi day trek to this town or cover it in only a couple of hours. For more data, you can check my blog entry about Dala Town.

5) Visit the Baffling Kyay Thone Pagoda

None of the manuals say this place however we firmly suggest you visit it. It is on Gyar Tawya Road, a little before Shwedagon Pagoda’s East entryway.

This sanctuary is somewhat unique in relation to the regular Burmese sanctuaries that are worked in Stupa style, rather Kyay Thone Pagoda has a Chinese design style. The fundamental sanctuary is on water with a spanned pathway prompting it, associating with a couple of islands in with little sanctuaries. There is a gigantic brilliant Buddha symbol inside alongside numerous littler ones around it – likely delineating Buddha and his supporters.

In the event that you stroll around the sanctuary you will see that it has a couple of antiquities in plain view, for example, old covering, old cash notes, and so on. Something about this sanctuary mixed my interest and I have endeavored to look into about this sanctuary on the web yet I haven’t discovered anything. The sign outside is in Burmese and the main way I know the name of this place is on account of my telephone’s GPS following framework.

The following is an inserted delineate the GPS arranges, just on the off chance that you need to visit it as well.

6) Visit China Town for Shopping or a Late Night Tidbit

On our second night in Yangon, our midnight cravings for food accepting us to China Town as we chased for nourishment. While the majority of the eateries close to our lodging seemed, by all accounts, to be shut, Chinatown zone was alive and clamoring with action.

Boisterous, bright, vivacious and brimming with sustenance – this is precisely what we expected and we were not frustrated – particularly the nineteenth road. Like each other Chinatown, we saw roadside sustenance slows down of things like hotdogs, chicken feet, chicken legs, fish, crisp organic product, pork digestive tract and some other unrecognizable meats.

7) Investigate Sule Pagoda and Around

In the event that you visit Yangon on a financial plan, in all probability you will remain in one of the spending lodgings close Sule Pagoda in downtown Yangon. In spite of the fact that not as monstrous as Shwedagon, Sule Pagoda has it’s own appeal because of it’s area and shape. There are numerous spots to find in Yangon that are around Sule Pagoda. Both Shwedagon Pagoda and Sule Pagoda are the renowned pagodas in Yangon.

This sanctuary is situated in the core of downtown Yangon and it holds religious and in addition political hugeness since many dissent walks started from here. In addition, this octagonal pagoda additionally fills in as an indirect with a wide range of paths that combine.

In the event that you stroll around this pagoda, you will see a vast white monolith, which is Yangon’s Freedom Landmark. There is a lovely garden alongside it with wellsprings – Maha Bandula Stop. On the off chance that you walk further, you will see Immanuel Baptist Church and a couple of government structures, for example, the High Court, City Corridor, the Secretariat and Broadcast office.

8) Attempt Yangon’s Hot Road Nourishment

As I would see it, a standout amongst other approaches to encounter another place is by eating the nearby sustenance. Beginning from breakfast to midnight nibble – my sustenance involvement in Yangon is one that I’d love to rehash.

On the off chance that you are a sucker for curries as am I, particularly Thai and Indian – you’re going to love Burmese nourishment. Everything here is a blend of these two cooking styles with a couple of Chinese impacts. My first feast here was bubbled rice prepared with a couple of herbs, peanuts, onion, garlic and chilies and I adored it. It helped me to remember Indian nibble – bhel puri.

Throughout the following couple of days, I had diverse assortments of noodles, plates of mixed greens, curries, soups and cherished them all! I never had a solitary terrible supper in Yangon. We were served a monstrous conventional Burmese breakfast at the lodging where we stayed, and I constantly completed the process of everything on my plate.

9) Visit Kandawgyi Lake and See Karaweik Corridor

Despite the fact that it’s somewhat littler in measure when contrasted with Inya lake, it’s unquestionably justified regardless of a visit since it offers shocking perspectives of the close-by Shwedagon Pagoda, from where its strolling separation. Kandawgyi Lake is extraordinary compared to other spots to visit in Yangon on the off chance that you need to appreciate the climate amidst nature.

The best time to visit it out of the loop while everything illuminates. Not at all like what we had perused in the manuals, there’s no section charge (or perhaps we missed it) and it has a couple of lake side eateries too (somewhat more costly than Inya lake).

10) Ride the Round Rail for an alternate perspective of Rangoon

In case you’re pondering where to go in Yangon for people watching, at that point you can Make a beeline for Yangon Focal Railroad Station to ride the round rail. Yangon Focal Railroad Station is a couple of minutes’ leave Shanghri-la Lodging in downtown Yangon, for a ride on Yangon’s roundabout railroad. This is an inner method of open transport that numerous local people take.

This ride goes on for 2-3 hours and you will get the opportunity to see many intriguing sights, for example, organic product dealers, vegetable venders, lo

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